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I'm so glad you're here! Please look around and check everything out. If you have further questions you can call, text, or email me and you will receive a response within a day or two.

Swedish style massage is practiced here. That involves long smooth strokes as opposed to more percussive strokes or the focus on stretching used in other styles of bodywork. Percussion and stretching may be used but the focus is on the long soothing smooth strokes along the body of the muscle.

Aston Kinetics is also practiced here. This involves assessing and treating body issues at the cause of the problem rather than the source of the pain or discomfort. They are often not the same.

Our intention is to leave you with a stronger sense of yourself and your center. When stress happens, as it does to everyone, physical tension builds up in the body. This typically happens in the neck/shoulder area and in the low back region. Some have tension in other body parts, depending on what their work is and where they carry tension. Massage can certainly help lessen all that tension and it also can help calm the spirit and the psyche so that the stress has less effect for days, sometimes weeks, following the massage.

Over the course of time the calming effect of massage on the body and psyche can increase so that your own mind and body can learn to relax at will.

We encourage you to come give massage a try. See how much better you feel about your life, your goals and dreams, your ability to handle your challenges, your self in general.

Two locations:

Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays are at the Aston Kinetics Center - 1055 W Moana Lane, Suite 204 in Reno

Tuesdays are at The Lodge, Senior Living Center in Carson City - 2200 E Long St in Carson City



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