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Wanted to give you some information as to how I am feeling after our first Aston session.

I slept for 9.5 hours which I cannot recall the last time I did that. I laid in bed for 30 minutes and could tell I was sore but not in pain. My body felt like I had been rolled with a rolling pin on every muscle in my body, had definitely been manipulated but the ache was not of pain but almost a release. I feel relaxed and do not feel tension today but most likely the aftermath of carrying all that tension and now my body is in recovery mode… a healing process. I feel more relaxed today but with energy to get things accomplished.

Thank you again for asking me to be a part of this class. - KC - 12/30/2021

My massage covered my painful areas and made me feel so full of energy! Loved the sheets! - AJ

Adrienne is the best -- all my tweaks and knots resolve (and stay away) for weeks of training after a massage! - RF

Best most sensitive knowledgeable professional massage therapist in the world. Period. - PK


For over twenty years I've had the good fortune to be Adrienne's client. Truly a gift to my life. - JH

Thoughtfulness, care and understanding...of my concerns. - AF

Adrienne hit all the right places and I was so in need of an excellent massage. Thank you again so much. - NS

Thanks for an amazing healing session! I feel so much better already. - LM

Adrienne is wonderful. Good hands, good senses, she gives a wonderful massage. - CB

Adrienne is best at what she does, both massage and psychically. I completely trust her. If your body is in need of help, or you need help on an energy level, I would strongly recommend scheduling an appointment with Adrienne. - TR

Adrienne Is amazing! I feel so good and sleep like a baby after a massage. - KO

Adrienne has taken her years of experience and continues to expand that with new developments in understanding of how the physical, emotional and spiritual body work together. She has a soft sweet way of assisting the body in healing itself. And it feels great! - SS

I liked hot stone therapy. - MB

I won't go to anyone else. Adrienne's intuitive massage is incredible. I recommend her often to friends and those I meet. - LY

Outstanding - haven't felt this good in a long time. - SH

I had a wonderful first experience with Adrienne. The massage great, she hit all the spots I needed work on. Adrienne really cares about your overall health and wellbeing far beyond massage therapy. - JL

Adrienne is a gifted healer and compassionate soul. Looking forward to my next session. - Anon

Adrienne did a fantastic massage. Getting rid of the knots in my neck and back feels so much better. I have already recommended Adrienne to my friend. - KL


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