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Adrienne Hardt, LMT                                                                                                                            


Licensed and working in Northern Nevada since 1993                                                

Attending multiple classes and workshops yearly since 1993

At Get Healthy and Go you'll find an environment where your body, psyche, spirit, and mind can heal and regroup so that you can feel whole again.

When human beings experience loving touch we feel good inside. We feel encouraged and strong and interested in our own lives. Our energy is renewed and our purpose becomes clear.

Adrienne Hardt has been working in massage since 1993 and is based in Reno, Sparks and Carson City, Nevada.

She raised her family of five children in Northern Nevada and is now a grandmother of nine. Her children have lived all over the globe, from locally in Reno and California to Minnesota, Utah, and as far away as Australia.

Adrienne's particular skills lie in sensing issues that her clients are storing in their psyches and in their bodies. She is able to tell, sometimes even without their input, what is hurting and how firmly or gently she needs to work to effect relief and change.  She helps her clients to release the troubling energy from their minds and bodies, thus allowing them to become free to enjoy life again.


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